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How to Find Great Car Insurance Quotes

With 4% of all cars on the roads uninsured and millions of drivers illegally fronting an older driver on their policy, the potential for misusing car insurance is huge. However, car insurance is a legal requirement and the government is cracking down on insured motorists with fixed penalties of £100, clamping and impounding vehicles, and fines of up to £1000 for repeat offenders.

With this in mind, it is important to learn about the different policies available. It is easy to find great car insurance quotes that do not involve breaking the law. Obtaining a car insurance quote from and similar sites will give an idea of the premiums and give access to the best deals.

The different types of cover for car insurance include comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and third party. Third party is the cheapest option and gives cover against damage to another vehicle or injury to another person. Third party fire and theft also covers theft of or fire damage to your own vehicle. Comprehensive covers a wide range of risks.

Third party insurance is generally the cheapest, but by shopping around and looking at a car insurance quote from and other sites, it may be possible to find comprehensive cover at a lower price.

The level of cover you require will obviously depend upon your circumstances and the value of the vehicle you are driving. Factors such as age and experience and no claims discounts will all affect premiums, but there are several measures younger drivers can take such as being a named driver on another policy, adding a second driver and increasing excess to reduce premiums.

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